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    calimodelskids HS: Fan art
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    caboyachtsworld We specialize in providing luxury Yacht Charters in Cabo and yacht
    services around Cabo San Lucas & La Paz Baja California Sur Mexico
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    A Perfect View!!!
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    Klapa Godimenti i Arsen - Zagrli me
    Glazba i tekst: Arsen Dedić Originalni izvođač: Zdravko Čolić, 1978. (album: "Ako priđeš bliže"). -------- Ne trebaš mi ništa reći, svoju prošlost, svoje ime... Ako će ti biti lakše, zagrli me, zagrli me. Uzet ću te u naručje da te čuvam usred zime, gri...
    • September 23
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